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Garden Gallery 09

Garden Gallery Commissions 2009

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Michael Windle – PortoRama

Collaborated with Alan Ramsay & Joan Wallace, Hatti & Rob Crawford, Richard Coward, Siobhán Leslie, Oonagh O’Brien, Maggie Le May and friends and family.

Working with host families Michael produced a collaged collaborative kaleidoscopic film PortoRama. Asking hosts to contribute short films and sound bites he tapped into the local and personal knowledge of the sunny-side and under-belly of Edinburgh's beach resort. The contributions to this work are set in or have been made about this unseen Portobello, creating a fun and inclusive portrait of the town.

PortoRama is programmed to randomly select the order in which the clips are played, set to a specially commissioned soundtrack.


Holger Mohaupt - routines

Collaborated with Lee Kindness, Celia and John Butterworth, Stephen Gray and Jane Innes, Jenny and Neil Wilson, Della Morris, Rona Gray, Sue Hurford, friends and family.

Routines is a project about the Portobello, the local residents and the way they react to their town, where they go and where they rest. One of the focal points of the research was the local garden and the personal significance it has for the hosts, ie. their favourite plants.

Holger looked at the first maps that were drawn of Portobello and the history of Scottish gardens in the 17thcentury. He received valuable support in his research from the National Map Library of Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden in  Edinburgh.

Through further meetings with the host families the project developed to incorporate the use of a pocket size Global Positioning System (GPS) and recorded audio journeys of the hosts through town. From the data recorded by the GPS a series of digital prints and a digital animation have been produced, capturing the walks and rides of the hosts.

Rocca Gutteridge - Sea Shell Showcase

Collaborated with John Maule, Salma Ali, Elizabeth & Stroma Sutton, Jenny Kindness, Paul Steer & Cate Britee, Alison & Terry McGill, friends and family.

Inspired by the collective energy and enthusiasm of community radio station Leith FM, where Rocca has worked for two years, Rocca was inspired to create a giant interactive seashell, showcasing audio sound bites created by the public of Portobello. 

The shell was presented across various public and private spaces in Portobello, providing an interactive way to encourage people think about the social history of Portobello.

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Garden Gallery 2009 - Your videos

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One of the commissioned Garden Gallery artists, Mike Windle, is looking for video contributions to be included in a large moving portrait of Portobello to be shown initially on 27 August 2009 but continuing thereafter. Clips can be just 5 seconds long and can come from a mobile phone. Click"read more" below for further information...


Garden Gallery 2009 - Opening

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ImageEurope's first Public Art House opens on Portobello Prom!

Next Thursday 27th August at 6pm, as part of Edinburgh Art Festival Art Late programme - come along and see the recently commissioned Garden Gallery commissions and be part of a mass Ribbon Riot... Old Tides Inn pub at the foot of Kings Road is where we'll be based for the coming year. Come visit!

Last Updated on Sunday, 23 August 2009 17:34

Garden Gallery 2009 - Commissions

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We're please to give you an update on this years Garden Gallery:

Rocca Gutteridge - Sea Shell Showcases

{multithumb thumb_width=100 thumb_height=100 thumb_proportions=crop resize=1 caption_pos=disabled caption_type=alt}Rocca GutteridgeRocca Gutteridge - Leith FMRocca Gutteridge - Hot Pink Rocks

Inspired by the collective energy and enthusiasm of community radio station Leith FM, Rocca has been inspired to create a giant seashell. Sculpted from fibreglass the shell will have the following interactive options:

  • Giant buttons showcasing audio sound bites created by the public of Portobello
  • A text back facility for immediate reactions
  • Audio updates on Big Thing's Public Art adventures

Working with her hosts Rocca plans to deploy the shell in and around Portobello, so come and join us and add some sound bites of your own!

Michael Windle – title in discussion with the hosts

Michael WindleMichael Windle - weltanschauungskriegMichael Windle - pilgrim

Michael has proposed a genuinely collaborative video project.

Asking his hosts to contribute short films and sound bites he hopes to tap into the local and personal knowledge of the sunny-side and under-belly of Edinburgh's beach resort.

The final work will be a collage of the contributed film clips and sound bites produced as a kaleidoscopic artwork to be premiered in Portobello in August.

Holger Mohaupt - routines

Holger MohauptHolger Mohaupt - Towel & TrunksHolger Mohaupt - Collective Space

Routines is a project about the location of Portobello, the residents and the way they navigate their town.

Through a series of meetings with hosts Holgar will pass a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device from family to family to record their daily walks and rides.

The final work entitled Routines will present this information as prints and digital media in Portobello during August.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 August 2009 23:50

Garden Gallery 2009 - Final Selection

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ImageBreaking News… We are delighted to announce the final selection for the Garden Gallery 2009. This years successful candidates are:

Holger, Michael and Rocca will be working with 33 host families to produce three diverse and stimulating contemporary collaborative projects. We will be looking forward to working with them over the coming weeks.

A presentation of work to hosts and the wider community will take place on 27 August to coincide with the launch of Art Late as part of Edinburgh Art Festival. Work in progress will be displayed in Portobello from the 22 August to 5 September.

Please make sure you click on the artist's names above for further information about them, and keep checking the Big Things on the Beach web page for up to date information on the Garden Gallery 2009.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 July 2009 06:56

Rocca Gutteridge

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A recent graduate from Edinburgh College of Art, Rocca has an impressive CV. Her practice as an artist includes work as varied as; working as an assistant to luminary of the sculpture world Andy Goldsworthy, a public commission for Glasgow International Airport, and a future project working towards a travelling exhibition to Kyoto, Japan.

Last Updated on Friday, 10 July 2009 09:16

Michael Windle

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An ex Portobello resident, Michael lived in the area for over 10 years. As the time passed his initial wow response to the prom gave way to a more mature interest in the personal, idiosyncratic and unseen aspects of Portobello. For the project Michael is interested in creating a collaborative film work that would reflect this unseen Portobello.

Last Updated on Sunday, 12 July 2009 15:57
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Big Things on the Beach is a public art trust in Portobello, a seaside suburb close to the city centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was formed by a group of residents in 2003 to explore the potential of the seafront as a site for engagement with public artworks by both emerging and established artists.

Since 2004 we have commissioned artists to create substantial temporary artworks, trained ourselves and others in the process of commissioning public artworks through international site visits and guest lectures and successfully raised funding to these ends.

Our current project - The Big Welcome - is supported by Creative Scotland, Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership and Edinburgh City Libraries